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Online Booking Policy

  • When receiving your conformation email or text message please click the link to confirm your appointment time so we can best schedule all of our guests.

  • If you are late or no show for 2 or more appointments (depending on stylist) you will no longer have access to an online booking and will need to call for any future appointments.

  • Each stylist is self employed and may have different policies and procedures, please talk with your stylist if you have any questions.

Cancelation Policy

Your appointments are very important to us. Please understand that when you forget about or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, We miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time. Your appointments are confirmed 72 hours prior by e-mail or 24 hours in advance via a text message sent to your phone confirm your appointment time. If you for any reason are running late please call the salon 920-940-5222 and let us know in advance if possible. If you arrive 1-15mins late for your appointment services may be shortened or rescheduled after 30 min you will need to reschedule. Each stylist is self employed and may have different policies and procedures, please talk with your stylist if you have any questions.

Hair Policy

We want you to be happy and take great pleasure in the quality of services provided. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your service, please let your independent stylist know within 7 days of your service and they will gladly work to ensure your happiness.

(policy may vary depending on stylist)

Product Returns

We will not be accepting product returns at this time. 5/18/20

All Stylists at Hype Hair LLC. are Independent (self-employed) and may have different policies and procedures.

All Policies are subject to change*

Masking & Covid 

  • Masks are available upon request

       Your mask may be colored, cut or damaged during your service please be aware we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your mask. 

***Please know we hold the right to refuse service to anyone not willing to follow our policies 

  • All client profiles will need to be updated so your stylist may be asking you additional questions when scheduling, upon arrival or checking out (each stylist may be handling this differently) updates include Name, Phone Number, Contact preferences, some questions may pertain to travel or covid19 (may vary by stylist) we hold the right to request to take your temperature (will not be enforcing this at this time) if you have had any symptoms in the last 14days or have not been feeling well you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. 

***Please know we do not want to refuse service to any of our guests. We will do everything we can to ensure the Safety, Heath and Wellbeing of all of our Salon Guests, Stylists, Families, Friends and Neighbors.

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